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PetsAreMe Probiotics for Dogs Powder, 170 grams

$49.97 $25.97

PetsAreMe Probiotics for Cats Powder, 170 grams

$49.97 $26.97
  • WHAT IS A PROBIOTIC? - a raw live supplement of bacteria and yeasts that are essential for your pets health. Benefits will be seen within two weeks of daily use especially to the digestive system, coat and skin, restores vitality, healthy joints & more! 
  • DOG SERVINGS PER JAR - Small dog = 300 doses (~10 months); medium dog = 150 doses (~5 months); large dog = 75 doses (~3 months)
  • CAT SERVINGS PER JAR - Small cat = 300 doses (~10 months); medium cat = 150 doses (~5 months)
  • DO PROBIOTICS WORK? - yes in the majority of cases, introducing probiotics to your pets food will benefit their health. Powder is easy to measure with included scoop - carefully retrieve the scoop with a fork as the new jar is very full. No more huge tablets to try and force down your pets throat. 

  • ODORLESS & TASTELESS - mix into your pets dry or wet food once a day. Some pets don't like the powder look in their dry food bowl, so we recommend mixing it with 1 tbsp. of 100% Pumpkin Puree. Give it two weeks for the bad bacteria to be replaced by the new good bacteria.

  • GUARANTEED ANALYSIS - 290 billion CFUs per 6 oz. jar, 5 pet specific probiotic types: L. Acidolphilus 58B/cfu, L. Casei 58B/cfu,  P.Pentosaceus 58B/cfu, L.Plantarium 58B/cfu, B.Bifidum 58B/cfu, Curcumin 100mg, Hawaiian Kona Berry 100mg, Organic Certified Above Sea Coral Calcium with 74 Trace Minerals.

  • MADE IN USA - our product is 100% made in the U.S.A. in FDA inspected and GMP certified production facilities from locally sourced ingredients. Don't take chances with pet probiotics that are made with fillers, animal digest and sourced from overseas.